::...the journal of the linsang...

...the sound of silence.....

27 January 1984
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acapella, acrylic, airbrushing, amélie, anatomy, animal rescue, animals, anime, armageddon, aromatherapy, art, azumanga daioh, bamboo, bittorrent, bookbinding, broadway, bruce willis, butterflies, care bears, cartoon network, cats, celtic music, chainmail, chinchilla breeding, chinchillas, christianity, clocks, cowboy bebop, csi, cuddling, dancing, degus, disney, dogs, dragonflies, dragons, drawing, druids, eiffel 65, essential oils, etching glass, faeries, fairy tales, family guy, fantasy, fractals, friends, fruits basket, furbys, glass, haibane renmei, hair dye, harry potter, hello kitty, hippies, horde, hot showers, hot topic, icons, illustration, incense, interstella 5555, ivory, j.k. rowling, jade, japanese culture, japanese stuff, jodee messina, kansas city, kirby, knives, lancaster pa, lava lamps, law & order svu, lepidoptera, lifeguarding, lights, linsangs, long hair, lop rabbits, lord of the rings, love, manga, marine biology, masks, matchbox 20, monarch butterflies, moulin rouge, moxy fruvous, musicals, my little pony, neverending story, nightmare before christmas, oil paints, origami, painting, peacock feathers, pennsylvania, peter gabriel, pets, photography, piercings, pirates, princess mononoke, pussy willows, raising butterflies, raspberries, reading, redwall, reeses, rit, rochester institute of technology, russia, sci-fi movies, sculpture, seal, simpsons, spirited away, stephen king, sterling silver, sting, strawberry alarm clock, strawberry shortcake, stuffed animals, sunshine, sushi, swimming pools, tattoos, teen titans, tetris, that 70's show, the police, trampolines, tunafish, us navy, walmart, warner bros, water, web design, windchimes, winged things, world of warcraft, zebra finches